I’ll encourage you and give you the skills that support you in using your voice healthily and well. My tools will help you enjoy the sound of your own voice. Therefore aiding you in finding your own singing style instead of mimicking others’. I take an eclectic approach, drawing on my experience of the classical, music theater and folk traditions. I incorporate ideas from other contemporary organic approaches to voice. Those of Catherine Fitzmaurice, Chloe Goodchild and Patsy Rodenburg as well as elements of Somatic Experiencing, a powerful psychotherapeutic tool.

My training and practice in Somatic Experiencing and counselling is deepening my understanding of how to work with the fight / flight / freeze response in my clients to alleviate their anxiety and stress. I cater for all ages and abilities. All desires and styles, from Classical to Musical theater, pop and traditional, always challenging and coaxing singers beyond their current limits.

Singing for fun, confidence, and the supposedly tone-deaf: This is offered to those who wish to sing for the sheer pleasure of making sound. I often work with people who have little or no prior confidence in their musicality.

Singing development. Technique and song interpretation: I provide intuitive and exact technical feedback, guidance and suggestions that will unlock your musicality and enhance delivery of songs.

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