As a rehabilitation voice coach, I assess and work with those suffering with vocal health issues. I work with school teachers, singers and others who feel let down by their voice. I have a special interest in stammering.

I’ll take time to discuss any issues which you feel may be affecting your vocal health and offer you solutions. I will coach you in vocal anatomy and vocal health care because knowledge of how to maintain your healthy voice is vital.

Your whole body is linked to your vocal health and fluency. I therefore take a holistic approach to our work. Relaxation and correct postural alignment are essential to a strong and healthy vocal tool and we will work with these. A new more effective engagement of muscles through a process of deconstructing and restructuring and orienting to environmental support will be taught to mobilize a free-flowing expressive voice. This approach is informed by insights from Somatic Experiencing, Reichian and Fitzmaurice body work as it is by psychological theory.


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