About Audrey O’ Carroll

About Me

I’m Audrey O’ Carroll and I am a counsellor, voice/communications expert and wellness coach. I also run online personal development courses.

A first honours graduate of UCC and the Open university.

I have a background in music teaching, performance (voice, piano, choirs, accompanist, musical direction, school music teaching) and psychology.

I’ve engaged in extensive vocal training (speech and singing) with world-class teachers including Veronica Dunne, Deirdre Masterson and Catherine Fitzmaurice and I continue to train internationally at masterclasses and workshops.

I am a registered and practicing counsellor, lifecoach, parenting and relationships mentor. Coming from this lineage I have a particularly nuanced and deep understanding of people’s struggles with their voices. I have completed original research into teachers’ voice difficulties and the potential of the voice in counselling.

I am currently developing a novel intervention for stammering that integrates the insights of body workers, interpersonal neurobiology and developmental psychology along with more conventional approaches. I’m a music examiner with R.I.A.M.




I offer ‘find your voice’ workshops in community resource centers, schools and mental health settings. I also lead team-building events in the workplace.

The Audrey O’ Carroll Approach


My approach is broad, integrating many influences, traditional and contemporary, art-based and psychological.

I work to open people up to the range, depth, subtlety and beauty of their communication, whether verbal, non-verbal or in singing.

I attend to practicalities such as power, projection, clarity, undoing vocal blocks and the use of visual aids in presentations.

I prioritize the integration of mind, body and imagination. As my client, I challenge you to break new ground in whatever area you choose to develop. I’ll guide you to the practical skills and understanding which will serve you well in the future.

Use your voice effectively with the support of correct breathing and my vocal warm-up routine. Learn to project your voice safely, adjusting it to different spaces. Deal with the anxiety that can affect your vocal delivery.

Are you preparing for an interview, important speech, presentation, business pitch or an awards ceremony?

  • I will make suggestions to dramatically improve content and enhance delivery.
  • I’ll work with you to ensure you get positive results from meetings, speeches, interviews and presentations.
  • I’m happy to go over your presentation at the venue itself to ensure a seamless delivery on the day.
  • Sessions will include tips on answering questions from your audience.

My Services


Public Speaking

Voice Rehab

Life/Biz Coaching


Healing Voice

I offer individual coaching, group classes, and workshops in person and online. My rates are available upon request.

 Send an e-mail to  audrey@counsellingtralee.com

or call +353 (0) 86 374 9358