Speak or Sing

Speak or Sing with ease


Finding your authentic voice will change your life.

Your true voice is confident, clear, responsive, and alive. When you speak and sing with that voice, people hear you, audiences respond, your colleagues feel inspired, and the public will trust what you say.

Your voice expresses who you are, what you think and feel. When it is authentic, it is perfectly connected to your body, mind and spirit. However negative socialization, stress, anxiety and low self-esteem can interrupt that connection to cause stammering, poor diction and a lack of vocal power.

My work with you will focus on key areas

Your Breath

I will work with you to release tensions in the body that impede breath flow. I’ll help you find vocal support for your speaking needs.

If personal habits are causing you voicing problems, I will give you exercises to address these issues.

Your Posture

I will address how your posture affects your sound. We will free your voice by freeing and realigning your body.


Your Diction

We will discuss your elocution and clarity.

I will work with you to release tension in your lips, mouth, jaw or tongue and to strengthen your tongue and soft palette, thereby improving articulation.


Your Sound

I will work with you to bring out your unique tone and to expand its expressiveness by widening your vocal range.

Equipped with many new techniques, you will be able to find and power your voice in the most stressful situations. You will connect with your listener more confidently.